Bachelorette Party

My two best friends Rachel and Laura are getting married two weeks apart from each other this summer! Rachel got married last weekend, and Laura's nuptials are next week. As the common denominator in their bridal parties, I was recently tasked with hosting their co-bachelorette party, although I had tons of help from my fellow bridesmaids Meredith and Amy. We gathered up Rachel and Laura’s favorite ladies, put on our nicest dresses, and gave them a fun-filled last fling before the ring(s)!

We first went to dinner at Wedge, a restaurant located on the local golf course. Dinner was – and always is at Wedge – fantastic, and after a brief group photo shoot, we headed to Rachel’s for dessert, gifts, and games.
Me with Laura & Rachel, aka the prettiest bachelorettes.
The party gang! Photo via Maranda Rowe.
The first game we played was "The Panty Game," where everyone brings a pair of unwrapped and, most importantly, unused underwear for the bachelorettes that is representative of the giver. For example, I like the color purple and cats, so I got Laura a purple pair and Rachel a pair covered in cat print. The bachelorettes then have to guess who brought which pair. Rachel pretty much smoked Laura on this one. 
Panty Game directions. Design by Tadd Fortner, panty icon by Brandon Kraeger via Noun Project.
One half of the panty game on display, which also doubled as decor.  
Next, we played "Porn or Polish." Guests are given titles such as "The Final Sin" and "Below the Belt," and they have to guess if they are the title of an adult film (answer: "The Final Sin") or a nail polish (answer: "Below the Belt"). I pulled the titles from similar games I found online - no personal research involved, promise - and even though it was a difficult game, all of the ladies seemed to enjoy it. 

Laura and Rachel opened their gifts, and we ate cake made by Amy. I felt bad cutting into the masterpiece she created, but that soon subsided after tasting its chocolate deliciousness. Amy's recently started a cake business, so check out her other work!
Amy's beautiful cake and cake pops - that had Laura and Rachel's initials iced onto them, by the way.
I was so worried, since I only had one shot to throw my best friends a fantastic bachelorette party, that things wouldn't be nice or go as planned, but the night was a great success. Laura dubbed it the best of ladies' nights (to which I breathed a huge sigh of relief), and she and Rachel seemed very pleased with the evening overall (another sigh of relief). They were both beautiful bachelorettes, Rachel was a beautiful bride last weekend, and I'm certain that Laura will be a beautiful bride next weekend.  I love those women.

What's been your experience with bachelorette parties, Hipsters? Please leave game and decor ideas below!
BONUS PHOTO! Rachel, looking outrageously gorgeous on her wedding day with me and Laura. 

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  1. That cake is literally perfect! I want to get it for one of my friend's bach!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  2. As you plan the bride to be's bachelorette, you may feel like you need more than a helping hand.creative bachelorette party ideas




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