Aunty Donna

A post on a sketch comedy trio steers a bit away from my typical scope of writing, but I cannot pass up the opportunity to share my admiration for Aunty Donna. Based in Australia, Aunty Donna has had multiple series, perform live shows, regularly release videos on their YouTube channel, and have become a personal favorite of mine.
Photo via Aunty Donna's Instagram - @theauntydonnagallery
Aunty Donna is really good at taking normal, otherwise day-to-day situations and turning them on their heads. What may start out as two guys at the office wearing the same tie turns into the entire office going into complete disarray because the concept is so novel and fascinating to them, or three friends sharing lunch leads to the pals getting doused with #hotsoup (they're ok with it, promise). Whatever the scenario is, you can always rest assured that something wonderfully out of left field will happen in an Aunty Donna video...and that a word or two will be mispronounced in a way you'd maybe not considered before.  I think it's great stuff, but some folks I've shared Aunty Donna videos with haven't felt the same way. That's personal preference, though. You may like it; you may not...but if you don't like it, you're wrong, and there's clearly something the matter with you. See? Comedy.

Tadd and I think their videos are hilarious and hit "replay" more times than we can count, but others don't necessarily "get" and appreciate the form of comedy that Aunty Donna has down to an art. A simple scroll through the YouTube comments section on any of their videos will instantly unearth an argument between those who see Aunty Donna as brilliant and those who think their stuff is nonsense. If you scroll further, you'll see that Aunty Donna also replies to number of comments, never once breaking character. It's magical to behold.

For a crash course in the goodness that is Aunty Donna, I recommend the following videos from their YouTube channel: "That's What You Get (Talking Behind A Friend's Back)," "Best Funeral Ever," "Worst Prank Call of All Time," "Two People Wear the Same Tie to Work," and "Manbeast Returns." Let me know what you think of their sketches!

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