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In case you were curious, my Etsy obsession is still operating at full-steam. Not long ago, I discovered Ox and Otter, a ceramics shop owned and operated by the awesome Shiyana, and I am in love with the things she is making.

Photo via Ox & Otter's Etsy Shop
The products coming out of Ox and Otter are absolutely gorgeous. The shop has a variety of items available - mugs, steins, tumblers, candles, yarn keepers, etc., etc. - and the glazes used are out of this world. Thus far, I have had my hands on three Ox and Otter creations - all mugs - and I could not be more impressed. Check them out below.

My mom, as I've told you before, is a big coffee drinker, so for her birthday, I got her an Ox and Otter mug. The mug has an amber glaze, a glaze found on multiple items in my mom's kitchen, so it fit right in. The detail on this mug is beautiful, especially the leaf at the top of the handle. The amber glaze on the mug puts me in mind of a forest, so the addition of the leaf is just perfect. I asked my mom the other day about how she liked the mug, and she said she's been using it every day to drink her coffee in the morning. Thanks, Ox and Otter, for the successful gift.

Ox and Otter recently had a giveaway, so I naturally entered. Much to my surprise, I won! A few days later, an exquisite soup mug in a beach turquoise glaze arrived at my door. The glaze on the inside looks cosmic, so reaching the bottom of your coffee or tea is fulfilling both for the wonderful effects of caffeine and the view. I will note that your drink cools down pretty fast in such a wide mug, so drink quickly!

The shop was re-stocked with a ton of items last week, so I purchased a jug mug with an aurora glaze. I thought the glaze was purple (it looked like it to me from the photos on the shop), but it's actually blue - not a big deal because it still looks great. It's adorably small but will hold 8 oz. of liquid, just the right size for your favorite coffee or tea.

I hope to expand my Ox and Otter collection and purchase some non-mug items soon. This will be excellent because the non-mug items are lovely, and I'm running out of mug storage at an alarming speed. It's the right time to try something new. You should also be making Ox and Otter purchases soon, Hipsters! Check out the Ox and Otter Instagram and Etsy pages to keep up with all the shop has to offer. Enjoy!

EDIT: the last mug DOES have a purple glaze, confirmed by Ox and Otter, so it only looks blue because of the lighting in my house, which isn't the best.

EDIT #2: Ox and Otter has a new website. Click here to check it out!

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