Hello, It's Me

The Adele reference was probably too much, but let's keep going.

This blog has been up and running since July 2015, and I've written nearly forty posts about things I've done/listened to/etc.! I realized, though, that I never really introduced myself or told you anything about myself. Rude. So, even though it's seven months late, here are ten things you should know about me:
My wanderlust is strong.
Growing up, my family didn't go on many vacations...ok we didn't go on any vacations, so I've not seen as much of the world as I would like. Since I've become and adult and have lived out on my own, though, I've tried to travel whenever I get the chance and my bank account deems it reasonable. Last year was my best year of travel thus far (I blogged about it), and I have some really fun trips in the works for the next couple of years. 
My overall travel goals involve going abroad and visiting all fifty states in the U.S., but I also enjoy taking smaller trips around my stomping grounds and learning more about the area in which I live. I can't wait to add more travel posts to this blog.

I have an obsessive personality.
If I take an interest in something, it is all that I am interested in. I do lots of research on whatever it is, talk incessantly to others about it, and cannot think about anything else. Recently, I have focused my attentions on three things in particular - Arcade Fire (please release a new album soon), astronomy (Neil Degrasse Tyson is a personal hero), and the Food Network (I can't watch enough episodes of Chopped). 

Cats = <3.
Although I'm not at the "Crazy Cat Lady" level yet, my love of cats is profound. My two cats, Cece and Chew, are the friendliest, fluffiest cats. They're the sweetiest little buddies, and they have so much personality. My husband has insisted that two cats is plenty, but I wish I had a white one to complete the feline color spectrum I currently have in progress. I also thoroughly enjoy all of the cat instagram accounts I come across, even though I don't plan on making Cece and Chew pages of their own (they sometimes make appearances on my instagram account, though).

Music is important to me, even if I can't make my own just yet.
With the exception of the times I'm reading, I am always listening to music. Music provides a release, a catharsis, that I can't get anywhere else. I have so much respect for anyone who has any sort of musical skill. Everyone in my family is musically gifted, but I struggle with it a lot. 
I've tried my hand at the bass and the mandolin, I can play the piano a bit, but I need more practice at all of them. More than anything, I enjoy singing - perhaps one day I'll get brave enough to share my voice with others (my hedgehog Boss Hog seems to enjoy my singing) - and songwriting. It would be amazing to make music with other people, so I endeavor to get better in hopes that someone would want to collaborate.

I am a picky eater, but I'm getting better.
Until a few years ago, the list of foods I was comfortable eating was a very small one. I wouldn't even eat sauce on my spaghetti, just salt and pepper. Mashed potatoes? No, thank you. Over time, though, I've given these and many new foods a try and decided that they needed to stay in my life. 
Onions, however, still haven't made the cut. Their texture doesn't sit well with me, even though I do enjoy their flavor.

In the words of Gaga, "I am my hair."
Before I started middle school, I had never had a haircut more substantial than a trim, which resulted in my hair being past my hips. After that first real haircut at age eleven, though, I decided I'd do whatever I very well pleased with my hair. It's been about every length imaginable, except completely shaved, but I have taken the clippers to it recently. When it's longer, I put it into every sort of braid and bun that I can imagine. When it comes to color, though, I've only had it my natural color - blonde - or red, and I've almost cut off the last bits of red, unveiling my blonde locks once again. I may try a brown or go back to red in the future, but the one thing that my hair will never successfully do it hold a curl. It's just not in the cards, although the Infiniti Curler does a good job of getting it to curl.

I am indecisive...I think. Maybe?
I never have any idea what I want to eat for dinner. I select my week's worth of outfits on Sunday nights so I have enough time to really think about what I want to wear; it takes a while. If someone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I can only decide that I can't decide. In short, it's hard for me to make up my mind, but I have fortunately surrounded myself with decisive people who can make the final call when I get flustered. 

"A place for everything, and everything in its place."
Organization is key for me. If things aren't planned out and set straight, how on Earth are you supposed to get things done? 
When it comes to any event or trip in my group of friends, I have been designated as organization guru, and I am pleased with this. My folders, both hard copy and digital, are intricately organized so that anyone can find the things they seek. My closet is organized by clothing item and color (ROY G. BIV, obviously). My calendar is always filled in and color coded when possible, etc., etc. If you haven't caught on by now that I'm a major Type A personality, I think you understand now.

My fear of whales is legit.
Yeah, I get it, whales for the most part are not antagonistic. They're just big mammals hanging out in the ocean. But guys, whales, especially blue whales and sperm whales, are so huge that they would have no idea if they ate you. No idea. Is this a logical fear? Probably not, but it's real. I've tried watching videos of whales as a type of immersion therapy, but I seriously cannot sit through them without getting creeped out. Preserve the oceans and protect the whales, but don't make me look at photos of them, for my own sanity.

I started this blog last year because I was going through a bit of a quarter life crisis. 
At the time, I had absolutely no idea where I really fit in, in the world and was feeling pretty sorry for myself (I got over that). I needed something to do to feel like I was a part of the world and to keep myself occupied and productive. Since I've always fancied myself a pretty good writer (my day job kind of pays me a salary to be a pretty good writer), why not start a blog? With a little bit of encouragement and a lot of assistance from my husband and some friends, Hipster's Hollow was born, and I've not once regretted starting this baby. It brings me great joy to write about so many different things, and I certainly hope that you all get something out of my posts. 

So, in a nutshell, that's me. A music-loving, whale-fearing, indecisive cat lady...and much more! I'm glad that I can include "blogger" in my list of things about me, because I get to write for and interact with you fine folks that I'd love to learn more about as well. 

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