Coyotes in Boxes

Last weekend, Coyotes in Boxes played at the VClub in Huntington, and it was a great show. I mentioned Coyotes in Boxes in my Feta, Fests, and Fun post last fall, but I feel that they deserve a post all their own. 

Coyotes in Boxes originated in West Virginia but are now based out of Nashville (their Facebook page describes their music as "melodic indie non-country," FYI). Nevertheless, they return to the Mountain State fairly frequently to perform, and I try to attend every chance I get. I've probably been to about six or seven of their shows, and they honestly get better every time I see them.

The Coyotes played three of their newest songs, "Good Kitten," "Vaporized," and "Mjolnir," along with some old favorites. "Good Kitten," as you can imagine, prominently features a cat protagonist, waiting for its food "like a good kitten should." It's incredibly catchy, and I find myself singing it whenever it's time to feed my cats Cece and Chew. My  husband Tadd even sings it, and he's only heard my personal rendition of it. "Good Kitten" is a fun song, for sure. 

A secret link to hear "Vaporized" on the band's Bandcamp page was available for those who signed up to receive it. I, of course, placed my name and email on that list (duh). The link hasn't been sent out yet, but hopefully I'll receive it soon so I can enjoy this new Coyote jam in the comfort of my own home. I don't know as much about this song as the others, but it includes the line "a pox upon your house" (forgive me, Coyotes in Boxes, if I misquoted the lyric there), so it's pretty awesomely foreboding. I look forward to giving it another listen.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Norse mythology and/or the Marvel Universe, Mjolnir is Thor's hammer. That hammer is kind of a big deal to him, guys. The fact that Coyotes in Boxes wrote a song about a mythological and comic book concept pleases me to no end, and "Mjolnir" is definitely my favorite of their new songs. Instrumentally, it's got a darker, more grungy vibe to it than the rest of their songs. It's different, but it works really well. I cannot wait to get a copy of this song.

Word on the street, aka Marshall University's Parthenon, is that Coyotes in Boxes will be releasing their second album after they release "Vaporize" as a single. I'm not sure as to when that will happen, but it is something for which I will eagerly await. 

Seriously go check out Coyotes in Boxes, Hipsters. They create absolutely amazing music, unlike anything anyone else is making. It's introspective, distinctive, and just downright good in every respect. Let me know what you think of them, and stay tuned for updates on "Vaporize" and their sophomore album!

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