Race Through Fallen Timbers

Yesterday, I participated in The Race Through Fallen Timbers, an outdoor event in the woods of my hometown. It was hosted by my good friends Park & Lacy, two really kind, community-minded people. The event featured a plethora of activities - a 15K, 5K, interpretive hike, yoga, and much more. There was also lots of food, drinks, and wonderful friends and fellowship. About 130 people participated, and it was abundantly clear that they all had a fantastic time. 

The event took place on Park's family farm, and even though it was quite chilly and still yet snow-covered from our most recent blizzard, it was so much fun and incredibly beautiful to be outdoors enjoying everything the day had to offer. 

Below are some photos (I participated in the interpretive hike) from the day, & I can't wait for the next event Park and Lacy host. What did you do this weekend, Hipsters?

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  1. This makes me sad that I moved. This event looked like so much fun!

    We got a kitten this weekend (as you saw). We did other stuff, but Gypsy is all I can concentrate on at the moment. Lol

  2. Gypsy is adorable, so you should have no regrets in spending the weekend with her. That's usually what I do - hang out with small indoor pets instead of going outside!




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