Coffee, Anyone?

Coffee has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my mom would put on a pot of coffee first thing in the morning (priorities). As an adult, I have witnessed my co-workers guzzling it - meetings just can't start until some of them have a cup of coffee in their hands. Through all of this, though, I never had an affinity for coffee. I was never pressured to drink it, but when I tried it in the past, it just wasn't for me. When I would meet someone "for coffee," I definitely had some cocoa in my cup instead.

Until recently. Over the last few months, I have developed a love of coffee, something that I never thought would happen. However, I'm still an entry-level coffee drinker. Lattes are my friend, and I can sometimes drink coffee with creamer. It may be a while before I am able to hit the hard stuff - black coffee - but hopefully I can get there one day.

Right now, I have three primary sources of coffee: 
1) Bittersweet Coffeehouse.This is where the magic truly is, people. Bittersweet is a local coffee shop that's been in business for almost a year. I only found out about it late this summer, but I'm so glad I did. Their lattes are hands-down the best coffee I've ever had, and they're constantly trying out new flavors and methods of coffee-making. The owner is outrageously nice and has personally taught me more about coffee than I ever would have anticipated knowing, and one of my friends works there (but I'm not biased - their coffee is just really, really good). Try this place out; you absolutely will not regret it.

2) Starbucks. I won a Starbucks gift card back in August and have been putting it to good use. I've even gone ahead and started immediately spelling out my name for the barista - "N-I-K-I" is never going to be the way they spell it independently, let's be real. Today I tried the gingerbread latte and was pretty pleased with it, although the cocoa is still my favorite Starbucks menu item.

Note: NOT a gingerbread latte, but a #throwbackthursday to a pumpkin spice latte

3) My Keurig. Tadd and I got our Keurig last year during a holiday sale. No surprise, I mainly used it for cocoa and the occasional apple cider, while Tadd was more adventurous and drank coffee. We bought some flavored coffee not too long ago, along with some creamer. The taste wasn't for me, although I'm not sure if it's because of the coffee itself or the creamer; I suppose I should do more research in order to find a statistically significant correlation.

Just today, I found latte K-Cups. This was a big deal for  me. Since it was late when I bought them, and I didn't want to be up until 2 a.m. with a caffeine buzz, I have yet to sample them, although they look promising. I will report back with my findings after a taste test has been completed.

UPDATE: Tried it, didn't properly prepare it (surprise), but it still tasted good.

Fortunately, Pinterest tells me that there are TONS of crafts to make with recycled K-Cups, so I don't have to feel environmentally guilty for drinking coffee from home. Yay!

I look forward to trying new types of coffee, brewed many different ways, and I'll be sure to alert the masses when I graduate to a full-fledged coffee drinker. It certainly keeps me up much later than other forms of caffeine, so I can see its benefits - it's been weeks since Tadd has found me asleep on the couch at 9:30 p.m.

Where's your favorite place to get coffee, Hipsters, and what do you like to drink? Happy brewing!

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  1. I'm only an occassional coffee drinker, but we also have a Keurig. Now, I'm going to have to look up all the stuff you can do with K-cups on Pinterest :) No black coffee for me either. I like it sweetened with some almond or cashew milk.

    1. Shann, unfortunately I've not been very crafty with the K-cups, although I've been recycling them, so let me know if you make anything cool from yours!

  2. So, I love coffee, own a Keurig but never use it since I can get coffee at work for free. You've made me realize that there is so much that I can do with my Keurig. I've just recently become a Starbucks fan but I only get it when I'm shopping in Target.

    1. Nicole, I swear by the Keurig. My husband isn't a regular coffee drinker, and I can get through the day with one cup, so the single Keurig serving is perfect for me!




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