Halloween Costume Ideas

Those who read my post "Looking Forward: Fall 2015" know that I take Halloween very seriously. Furthermore, they know that I struggle over what costume to pick each year. The same goes for this year, Hipsters. What should I be for Halloween this year? Here are some of my ideas!

Poison Ivy
Photo via Batman Wikia

Every year since approximately 2008, I've said "I'm going to be Poison Ivy from Batman for Halloween this year." I have been Poison Ivy for Halloween a total of zero times. Last year would have been my ideal opportunity, since I became a red-head that October, but it still didn't happen. Is 2015 the year that I step out on a limb (a plant joke, get it?) and do the thing?

Photo via The Little Mermaid Wikia
The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney films, so Ariel is an easy choice for my red-headed self. Also, any girl/woman who says she's never dreamed of being a mermaid is a liar. Will this costume be a part of my world (a Little Mermaid joke, get it?) this Halloween?

Daenerys Targaryen
Photo via Game of Thrones Wikia
KHALEEEEEEEESI! One year I was Cersei Lannister (Tadd was Jaime Lannister, duh), but Khaleesi is the Game of Thrones character that gets me pumped and that I actually respect - yes, I know she's not real. Should I take what is mine (a House Targaryen joke, get it?), don the platinum wig, and dress my cats as dragons?

What lady do you think I should go as for Halloween, Hipsters? Let me know below!

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