Concert Bucket List

Music is an integral part of life for me. All day, every day, I'm either listening to music or I have a song stuck in my head. Although a lot of my favorite artists don't typically play in my neck of the woods, I'm always up for a concert - be it from a local act or the occasional larger act that comes my way. Live music is a lot more impactful for me than just listening to a recording; at a concert you get to see the artists really get into their music. There's a connection that's made between the artists and their audience that is absent in MP3/CD/vinyl form. I typically like artists even more after seeing them live because the atmosphere gives me a new perspective and appreciation of them.

While I would be willing to go see almost any musician in concert, there are a few acts that I have made a point to see live in my lifetime. It's a Concert Bucket List, if you will. These are the artists that I: a) really love and respect, b) know put on great shows, and c) wouldn't feel bad about spending gobs of money to see live . Hopefully I will be able to mark all of these artists off my list; that way, I get to meet life goals and also add more names to this list. What's better than that?

Mumford and Sons
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Arcade Fire
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Florence + the Machine
Photo by Getty Images, via Sydney Morning Herald
EDIT: Saw June 4, 2016, Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Foo Fighters
Photo by Kyle Gustafson, via NPR

Photo by Getty Images, via NME

First Aid Kit
Photo by Joseph Okpako, via Hollywood Reporter

Are all of these hipster-worthy? Of course not; I'm not naive. Where I fail as a hipster, though, I succeed as a lover of music, and that's ok with me. I cannot wait to see all of these ladies and gentlemen live in concert.

Hipsters, who has made the cut for your Concert Bucket List?

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