Why Not Make a Flip Flop Wreath at the End of Summer?

Back in the spring, I purchased a yard flag with a flip flop design on it, intent on making a flip flop wreath and displaying both proudly through the summer months. I was hardly home in June due to vacations and work trips (I'll blog about those adventures soon). July...ok I have no excuse for not doing it in July; I just didn't do it. Then August came, the last full month of summer and the last month to legitimately fly my flip flop flag and hang my flip flop wreath. The flag was easy enough - I just hung the thing up -  but I still needed to make my wreath.

It turns out that making a flip flop wreath is insanely easy. You only need a few supplies and about 15 minutes (that is, if you're a slow crafter like myself). Here's what you'll need:

Wreath Supplies

-3 pairs of medium sized flip flops - $3 from a dollar-type store - SPOILER: one of these 6 flops will not fulfill its destiny to adorn a wreath with its brethren. Make peace with this fact.
-1 twelve-inch (12") wire wreath frame - ~$3 from craft store
-Photo wire - $2 from craft store
-Miscellaneous decorative embellishments - I used flower clips that were $1 apiece
-Scissors (to cut the photo wire)

After you've assembled your supplies, follow these easy steps:
How to wire - 1

1. The flip flops are going to connect to the frame via the photo wire (I got the wiring idea from Passion for Parties the Blog). Tie the wire around the backs of the flip flops, like pictured above, then wrap the wire around the frame to secure. You'll need to do this to the top piece of the flip flop and one of the bottom pieces. I have no tried and true strategy for wrapping the wire; just make sure it's ultimately secure.

Flop layering

2. Slightly layer the next flip flop over the first and repeat step 1. Repeat this until the frame is concealed with flip flops.

Almost done

3. Attach your frills. This was easy for me since mine clipped on. Clearly there was something missing, so I added a welcome sign I already had in my house to the center in order to give the wreath a finishing touch.

Owl & Flops

4. Hang up your finished product, preferably with a matching flip flop wreath, and enjoy!

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