Seneca Rocks

Tadd and I were in Randolph County, WV this past weekend visiting family, & on the way there, we saw a sign indicating that Seneca Rocks was nearby. Just days before, I'd read an article, "The 20 Places in West Virginia You Must See Before You Die," and Seneca Rocks made the list. We checked the GPS and realized that Seneca Rocks was only an hour from our family (compared to 3.5 hours from our house) and decided to make the trip!

Seneca 1

Full Formation

Since I'm not a geologist and honestly knew little-to-nothing about Seneca Rocks before seeing it, I recommend that you read up on it. Otherwise, I'll just be rattling off facts I read somewhere else. The USDA's page for it is pretty informational. If you don't want to do that, the best I can tell you is that it is a very large, very unique, and very beautiful rock formation.

Seneca 2

To see it in person gives you that feeling of grandeur much more so than seeing a photo will, although photos of it still look incredible. People much braver than Tadd and I were climbing it while we were safely beholding it from the ground, and they had made it to what appeared to be the second highest peak in the formation. From 900 feet below, they looked pretty tiny, and I was nervous just watching them. Tadd & I were pretty happy to see Seneca Rocks from ground-level and were glad we got the chance to see it.

Tadd @ Seneca Rocks

Niki @ Seneca Rocks

Tadd & Niki @ Seneca Rocks

Thus far, I've been to four of the 20 places that I'm allegedly supposed to see in West Virginia before I die (according to "Only in Your State," at least), those being the West Virginia State Capitol, the Keith Albee Theater, and the New River Gorge Bridge. Although I don't have the explicit goal to see everything on that list, I hope to see as many as I can when afforded the opportunity to do so!

Where in West Virginia would you recommend visiting?

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  1. I loved visiting Seneca Rocks. What a cool place! Thanks for sharing your trip. :)

    1. Thanks! Did you climb it or admire it from afar like we did?




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