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Etsy is a truly amazing website.  If you’ve not heard of it, which would surprise me, it’s essentially a marketplace for crafty-talented folks to sell their creations.  There are items ranging from hand-knit baby headbands to huge, elaborate pieces of furniture. If you’re looking for something, there is probably already an Etsy shop for it.  That’s what I’ve learned lately, & I’ve found a lot of wonderful shops to buy from. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Horribell. Horribell’s Etsy page describes its wares as “offbeat accessories.” They are definitely alternative, and they're unbelievably beautiful. I recently purchased a dragon’s breath/fire opal ring from them (my House Targaryen obsession has finally crossed over into accessories), and it’s incredible - pictured above. I have a friend whose style perfectly meshes with Horribell’s, so she should be expecting her upcoming birthday gift to come from this shop.

2. Drunken Mermaid. If you’re in need of some new, unique jewelry with some meaning behind it, check out this Etsy shop for sure. Drunken Mermaid creates jewelry out of gemstones. Each piece of jewelry, when it happily arrives in your mailbox, comes complete with your gorgeous piece of gemstone jewelry, a card describing the properties that your gemstone possesses, and instructions for keeping your gemstone in tip-top shape. The shop owner posts new jewelry daily both on Etsy and on her Instagram. I’ve worn the Aventurine necklace - pictured above, left - I purchased from her almost daily since it came in the mail a few weeks ago, & my mother-in-law (thanks, Connie!) has already gotten me some Drunken Mermaid pieces for not-so-surprise Christmas gifts. Drunken Mermaid even does custom orders and was kind enough to make me an absolutely stunning Serpentine necklace - pictured above, right - which just came in the mail today.

3. KissMeBangBang. This printed shirt shop has an entire section dedicated to "Game of Thrones." Need I say more? I hope by now you've caught on to the fact that I have a severe "Game of Thrones" addiction. I've not ordered anything from this shop yet, but thanks to my mother-in-law (again, thanks, Connie!), I'll have what's hopefully a really sweet long-sleeved "Khaleesi" shirt come Christmas to show everyone that I truly am the Mother of Dragons.

What Etsy shops do you love and would recommend others check out for themselves? Comment below!

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